Automatically register all Django models in Django admin

Manually creating an Django admin entry for every new model is a waste of time. Let's do it automatically

Create function to register all models

  • We call this function after registering any custom admin classes.
  • uses Django's inbuilt get_models() function to register every model in your project register
  • ignore the LogEntry, ContentType, Session, and Token (inbuilt django models)
from django.apps import apps
from django.contrib import admin

def register_all_app_models():  
   Register any unregistered app models. We call this function    after registering any custom     admin classes.  
   models_to_ignore = [  
       'authtoken.Token',  # We automatically register the authtoken app models.  
   for model in apps.get_models():  
           if model._meta.label in models_to_ignore:  
               class modelAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):  
                   list_display = [ for field in model._meta.fields]  

     , modelAdmin)  
       except admin.sites.AlreadyRegistered:  

Add it to your file

  • Register the generated models with
  • We handle the AlreadyRegistered exception by passing it -ignoring any models that are already registered.

class CreationAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin): # Example specific model admin class.
   list_display = ["id", "diffuser", "key", "hr_key", "created_at", "image_download_count"]
   list_filter = ["diffuser"], CreationAdmin)
register_all_app_models() # Call the function after registering any specific model admin class.

Let's get visual.

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